Mass Flow Technology, Inc.

Mass Flow Technology Inc. is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited service company that specializes in the repair, calibration and sales of process and control instrumentation.

Production is not our business, customer service is.

We are the #1 independent service provider in the flow business.

Our goal is to make sure that every meter that we repair or calibrate reproduces the original factory calibration.  This is achieved by having the technical expertise and experience in flow technology that’s second to none.

         We don’t just look at accuracy, when we are calibrating flow devices, we also look for repeatability.

Our technicians are skilled in flow (mass and volume), density, pressure and temperature calibrations.

This expertise includes the following flow technologies: Coriolis, Magnetic, Vortex, Turbine, Differential Pressure, Ultrasonic and Paddlewheel.

We understand the importance of critical measurement accuracy and we take it seriously.

Have a critical situation?  We have 24/7 support and our turnaround time is simply the best.

If you’ve tried the rest, call the best at 281 427 7284 and schedule your next repair or calibration.

Remember: “Your Accuracy is Our Business”

“Tech Talks” by Mass Flow Technology – Video Training Series for the I&E Tech

In this Video: Flow Meter Start-Up and Trouble Shooting Mass Flow Technology Operations Manager Claude Nowlin details techniques and principles to follow for starting up a new flow meter as well as trouble shooting existing meters in an industrial facility. From their gravimetric flow calibration laboratory located in Baytown, Texas, Nowlin utilizes a Coriolis flow …

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Mass Flow Technology, Inc. Expands Calibration Capacity

BAYTOWN, TEXAS. Mass Flow Technology’s gravimetric flow calibration laboratory in Baytown, Texas is in the final stages of expanding the labs capacity to include flow meters up to eight (8) inches. The new lab’s closed loop, water recycling system utilizes master meters as the standard for calibration accuracy. The master meters were calibrated by Mass Flow’s …

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