Mass Flow Technology, Inc. Expands Calibration Capacity

BAYTOWN, TEXAS. Mass Flow Technology’s gravimetric flow calibration laboratory in Baytown, Texas is in the final stages of expanding the labs capacity to include flow meters up to eight (8) inches.

The new lab’s closed loop, water recycling system utilizes master meters as the standard for calibration accuracy. The master meters were calibrated by Mass Flow’s current gravimetric laboratory to maintain traceability to NIST standards. The addition of the large capacity calibration system positions Mass Flow Technology as one of only a few labs with this much flow meter calibration capacity in the country.

Mass Flow Technology provides calibration services, repair and sales of mass and volumetric flow meters including Magnetic, Coriolis and Vortex Meters ranging from 1/12 of an inch to the larger eight and ten inch meters. Mass Flow maintains the accuracy and standards set by ISO 17025, NIST, EPA and US Customs and any other standard the client may require.

The Large Capacity Calibration lab gives Mass Flow Technology, Inc. three Gravimetric Flow Laboratories.

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