Fast Meter Turnaround Reduces Cost from Mass Flow Technology, Inc.

BAYTOWN,TX – The old saying, time is money, doesn’t ring truer than when your facility is down while a major piece of equipment is stuck at the manufactures shop, trapped in the black hole known as Backlog. The problem with manufactures is that they manufacture. If your equipment or in this case, your meter, just needs cleaned, repaired or calibrated, most manufacturing facilities do not make the before mentioned processes a priority. Enter Mass Flow Technology. All they do is service all the other manufactures meters with the fastest and highest quality service in the industry. Recently I spoke with Claude Nowlin, MFT’s Assistant Resource Manager, for some Q & A on the subject of turnaround time.

I asked Claude to explain the advantages of companies sending their meters to Mass Flow Tech. “One of the primary advantages is turnaround. Time in this industry represents a lot of money. An hour may translate into thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars,” Nowlin explained. “Other companies that say they service, clean and calibrate meters will give you a turnaround time of a couple of weeks. Mass Flow Tech’s standard turnaround time is just three to five days. We get a meter in here and we check it out and test it. If we need to clean it, we will do that. We will calibrate it, and can typically get it out in three to five days.  Three to five days is our standard turnaround time. If you need it faster, let us know. It takes about two hours to calibrate a meter, so send a driver and let him wait for it and we will get it out. This service will cost a little more but compared to the down time, it is a fraction of the money being lost waiting.”

Nowlin continued, “When we calibrate a meter, it is traceable to NIST standards.  Mass Flow Tech is ISO 17025 accredited. Between myself and the president of the company, Eddie Daily, we have over 50 years combined experience with Coriolis, Mass and Volumetric Flow Meters. Our technicians are well trained and we just know what we are doing.”

I then asked Nowlin to talk about the new facility they built in Baytown, Texas. “The overall building is 6000 sq. ft with the gravimetric flow calibration lab 3000 feet of that. We are already moving on plans to expand with an additional 3000 feet to enhance our shipping and receiving and lab capabilities. We are also constructing a new master meter flow calibration system that will take our capability up to 15,000 pounds a minute,” Nowlin said. “We will need the additional room at that time when taking on the larger flow meters.”

“We can do just about anything with a flow meter, if it is repairable. We service Corilois,  Magnetic, Vortex, Turbine and have field service techs that can do P D’s,  Pressure Test, Temperature testing. We have a lot of experience with a lot of different types of flow meters and process control Instrumentation including consulting and sales of this equipment.”

“Because we are not manufactures and are not  encumbered with that role, if you send us a flow meter, we will make it work a lot better and get it back to you a lot faster than anyone out there.” Nowlin concluded.

For more information, please call: (281)427-7284.

Interview by Kerry Liles, The Industry Connection